Life Saftey Issues

Post date: Mar 30, 2015 1:23:35 PM

As the Spring season begins, the Home Inspection season kicks into high gear, this article will concentrate on what a good Home Inspector concentrates on the most, Life Safety Issues.

Almost all municipalities have building codes, these codes exist because someone at sometime was hurt by the code not existing. Examples are, the required height of railings, ARC Fault interrupter, Firewalls and others.

The Home Inspectors does not inspect from Code, but our best practices often coincide with them. I will give some great examples.

Exits in Basements: In WNY, the finished basement is common, this gives the house extra living space, however, did you know if the room does not have a second exit, Home Inspectors will write this up as a safety concern? Why? Because a fire at the main stairway would cause a person or child to become trapped and would also prevent a firefighter an access point.

Home Generators: After the famous October storm, many WNY residences now have Gas or Natural Gas powered Generators.These kick on during blackouts and power key areas of the home, such as the refrigerator and sump pumps.

However, did you know that not having a ATS, (or Automatic Transfer Switch) can cause a fire (from electric powered heat on the line) and can kill a Utility Linesman restoring power in your Neighborhood?

These are just two examples, Troy's Home Inspections Service has the knowledge and experience to find these and any other safety concerns before you buy your home.

NY home inspectors must attend 24 hours of classroom instruction every two years, we are trained to find and explain life safety issues, it is in the Home buyers best interest to hire one of these professionals, before purchasing your new home.