Ice Dams in Western NY

Post date: Apr 20, 2021 3:38:54 PM

The Spring is here, (finally)

Home owners are looking forward to getting repairs done and having inspectors check roofing systems on homes buyers, wish to purchase.

One of the biggest issues in Western NY are ice dams.

This will look like icicles and ice gathered at the gutter area.

These can cause damage to your home from leaks and are dangerous for People (and pets) walking under them.

An ice dam, is the result of snow that has melted and then refrozen, and the culprit for that thaw-and-freeze cycle, is an abnormally warm roof. When the air inside an attic is warm, that warmth can transfer through the roof and begin to melt the layer of snow, which in turn causes droplets to run down the roof. When those droplets reach the edge of the roof, they refreeze, because the part of the roof above the overhang (the eaves) doesn’t receive warm air from the attic. As additional snow melts, runs down, and refreezes, the layer of ice continues to build, creating a literal dam—a barrier that prevents water from running off the roof.

Home inspectors know what causes this, incorrect insulation and not enough venting from the soffits, to get cold air flowing in the attic space.

A typical 4/12 pitch roof, with open vented soffits and the floor of the attic insulated, will have enough cool air flowing in the attic space.

However, many homeowners finish an attic space, or the roof pitch has mutiple pitch and gables, complicating the venting.

Licensed NY Home Inspectors know what to look for, so don,t skimp on getting your Home Inspection, it can save you lots of time and money.